How to host the essential Sunday brunch

Let’s face it, we all secretly love brunch. Perhaps because of the pageantry, or because it’s efficient (have one big meal instead of 2 smaller meals), or because our favorite people are invited, or because there are no rules for what to eat, or perhaps it’s a great excuse to slow down and avoid thinking about how swiftly Monday is swiftly approaching. We think the key to hosting a great brunch is based on three simple properties:


Help people look forward to it, this is an occasion akin to a birthday, or baby shower. The occasion is brunch. People love to anticipate something as enjoyable and easygoing as a party which is in full swing as the sun reaches its zenith.  Send an invitation prior to the event and provide enough details to get their imaginations going. We like to include a note about the signature dish & paired beverage which will be served to set the tone and consider this an imaginary appetizer.


Since this is likely the day’s big to do, make sure to set the stage. Since you are cooking, wear an apron & wield tongs or spatula. Put out the finest place settings you have access to, and present dishes with that little bit of extra care like adding a few slices of lemon to the water in the pitcher. Try to avoid putting any branding/logos on the table (this means decant the syrup for the pancakes). Add name cards, or flowers, or even fold the napkins.

Tastes worth savoring

Brunch is the one meal where diets go out the window, cholesterol levels don’t matter, and appetites are meant to be indulged. Make sure that all glasses are full of something special. We love to showcase great wines, unusual cocktails, and always fresh pressed juice (make no exception here, buy the citrus and juice it yourself). We also go to great lengths to serve foods worth eating. This means perfectly paired wine and protein, foods so decadent that they are not often consumed, or combinations that are uncouth but divine such as cinnamon rolls & espresso ribeye steak or blini with adobo lime salmon. 

So why go to all the extra effort to host an essential brunch? Because it will most certainly help everybody in attendance enjoy their weekend a little more.