We do the legwork for you

The aim of any wine pairing is to create a balanced experience for the taster, where both the wine and the food highlight the best traits of each other. If the seemingly infinite combination of wines, spices, and preparation methods feel daunting, don't worry, Pair-able has you covered.

Our wine pairings are created with the partnership of a sommelier with 20+ years experience and a trained chef. Working in coordination and only after extensive refinement, do we list a pairing. Our team has reviewed and approved all of the finer points of what makes each combination pair-able such as: 

  • Surprise
  • Pleasantness
  • Harmony

Our team only approves a select few pairings that result from many failed experiments, taste testings, refinement, and most importantly, hosting our own dinner parties to ensure each pairing pleases even the most discerning guests. 

spices in bowls